Laser Acne Treatment

This will not require anesthesia and with no pain and no downtime. Depending on type of acne scar improvement can be dramatic. In some patients improvement continues even after treatment stops.

It helps kill the bacteria that causes the acne as well as remodels the acne scar at the same time. There is no downtime and treats all skin type. It is done every 3 weeks.

If you’re suffering from acne and live in Las Vegas, this is a brief example of what a patient who wants laser acne treatment in Las Vegas would go through. First of all, we evaluate the patient and find out what kind of acne she has, (it could be a nodular acne, or a pustular acne) and see the extent of the acne. We can then do medical microdermabrasion where we remove the outer layer of the skin and make it less “blemishy” and smoother.

After the microdermabrasion, we do a laser acne. The laser acne is deeper into the skin, and it kills the bacteria and remodels the skin with collagen remodeling. If you are currently suffering from acne, as a doctor, I do advice that you should go to a qualified, board certified, skilled practitioner who knows about laser acne treatment as opposed to just using anti-biotics and topical gels – which don’t actually help very much. They can help a little, but it’s nothing compared to the combination of the medical microdermabrasion (which is done by a physician) and the laser acne treatment.

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