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You deserve to have to best experience when you get a Las Vegas facial. There is hardly a better way to forget the worries of the world, relax and cleanse your face of blemish-causing dirt and excess oil. Seeking a licensed, experienced esthetician, like the professionals at Love Your Body Medical Spa, will ensure that you get the best treatment and care that you have ever had. A good facial will leave you feeling clean, pampered and refreshed.

Wellness and Beauty

There are an abundance of benefits to getting a Las Vegas facial at a medical spa. Facials are incredibly relaxing, helping clients to rejuvenate from the outside, in. You will be able to see and feel the results immediately after the procedure. Facials are helpful with improving a client’s skin complexion, removing blackheads and cleaning pores. Most professional estheticians will recommend having a facial at least once a month to promote wellness and beauty.

Types of Facials

Facial MaskIf you are prone to acne and blemishes, consider receiving a salicylic acid facial treatment. These are great for cleaning your skin of the overabundant oils and bacteria that cause your breakouts. Glycolic acid facial treatments are great for people with “normal” skin. Even those with beautiful, clear skin can benefit from having a facial on a regular basis. Your esthetician can help you to decide which treatment will be the most beneficial for your unique skin type.

There is also a deluxe Las Vegas facial package available at Love Your Body Medical Spa. Not only will you receive a relaxing facial cleanse, but your esthetician will give you a great, upper body message. You will feel as if you are in an oasis of comfort.

We offer a customized approach to our facials. Our mission is to provide personalized treatment for your specific needs and concerns. We will evaluate your skin texture, pores, pigmentation and sun damage in order to determine your skin’s unique characteristics. From there, we will use this evaluation to recommend a skin care treatment that works best for you. We will also be able to better track your treatment with this kind of thorough analysis.

To schedule your Las Vegas facial or to learn more about our services, contact Love Your Body Medical Spa. We will make sure you not only feel beautiful afterwards, but that your skin is provided with real, lasting benefits.

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