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Laser Acne Treatment

Acne and scars caused by acne are an often debilitating source of embarrassment for many people in the Las Vegas area. People who suffer from acne may have tried many different treatments and medications, without finding a good solution.

Laser acne treatment is a painless, noninvasive procedure that can dramatically improve the scars that are caused by blemishes and provide you with the confidence that you have always wanted. Many patients continue to see improvements even after they have finished their treatments. This innovative procedure is not only kicking blemishes to the curb, it is providing patients with a new outlook on life.

What Causes Acne?

Your pores contain oil-producing glands called sebaceous glands. The oil they produce, called sebum, is normal for the development of skin. But when your pores become clogged with this oil, along with dead skin cells and bacteria, acne occurs.

The walls of a pore can become damaged when clogged, which causes the bacteria and dead skin cells to eventually work their way under live skin cells. This phenomenon results in infections that shows up as red pimples. Infections become worse the deeper the clogged pore is, often causing a cyst.

How Laser Acne Treatment Works

Women getting laser for acneLaser acne treatment works to remove your acne by killing the bacteria that creates unsightly blemishes. Unlike antibiotics and topical treatments, this laser for acne works to reconstruct the damaged collagen that causes pitting, remodeling the surface of your skin and repairing your scars. A microdermabrasion is performed before the laser acne treatment to prep your skin for the procedure.

Before Laser Acne Treatment

Before you undergo laser acne treatment, you will have a consultation with a trained, board certified professional at a medical spa. This clinician will assess your acne and determine what specific type, nodular or pustular, that you are suffering from. The practitioner will also determine the extent of your acne.

Laser acne treatment is the very best solution for acne that is currently available to patients. Topical creams and surface treatments can only correct a minimal amount compared to what this laser for acne can fix beneath the skin. You deserve to reach your optimal level of confidence and to have beautiful, clear skin that you will be proud to show off. If you are interested in Laser acne treatment, contact a representative at Love Your Body Medical Spa and schedule your consultation today.

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