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Following a brief survey of beauty resolutions for 2018 from the web, Love Your Body Medical Spa noticed common resolutions including washing your face nightly, not popping your pimples, throwing out expired makeup, exercising regularly, drinking water and using sunscreen. These ideas are solid and practical and can easily be made routine. What if you resolved to focus on one aspect of your life that would make you feel and appear more beautiful, happiness?

Why Happiness?

As Christian Dior once said, “Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” No matter what we do to our skin, hair, nails, or body in general, if we are unhappy, we won’t either feel or appear beautiful. The most physically attractive person on the planet who is scowling or sulking does not appear beautiful. We aren’t suggesting that if you are unhappy that you pretend to be happy instead. We are suggesting that you make choices that will lead to happiness and the beauty that comes with it.

Resolution One: Surround Yourself with Beauty

People naturally feel happier when they are surrounded by beauty — a gorgeous view, the faces of loved ones, vibrant art in a museum, well-presented food at a table with fresh cut flowers. London School of Economics professor Richard Layard, author of Happiness: Lessons from a New Science, discovered that simply being in an aesthetically pleasing city had a tremendous impact on happiness. Don’t forget, beauty includes the scents we surround ourselves with, which is why aromatherapy is so powerful. Lavender oil, ylang ylang, bergamot, jasmine and many other essential oils have been shown to elevate mood.

Resolution Two: Connect with Others

Feeling that we belong is an essential part of our happiness. Psychologists from Nottingham Trent University studied 4,000 people and learned that their happiness increased by 9% with each additional group they felt connected to. It’s not enough just to be a member of the group, however, you must identify with that group and feel that you belong. Even our brains are wired for being social, and our brains are more active when we are connecting with others and actively offering others our help. Resolve to spend more time with your friends this year to increase your happiness, and you will feel like you are earning an additional $120,000 a year. Don’t forget to connect with your friends and loved ones physically, too. Physical touch like hugs and snuggling release oxytocin in the brain and is an antidote to depression.

Resolution Three: Be Grateful

We cannot be simultaneously grateful and unhappy. It is completely impossible. When you feel like scowling or sulking and minimizing the beauty of your natural self, try a gratitude exercise suggested by Sharolie Jansen, certified Real Love® coach. Name 10 things you are grateful for, but with each one, add why to make a heart connection. For example, “I am grateful that my husband made dinner last night because he recognized I was exhausted, and I felt loved by that.”

Resolution Four: Pamper Yourself

Finally, one easy way to feel happy is to take small steps to take care of yourself. You can hire others to take care of you or your body, like going to a nail salon for a mani/pedi, a fitness trainer, or a masseuse. Wear an item of clothing that makes you feel fabulous and sexy. Take a nap. Take a walk. Relax instead of being busy.

And, you can call Love Your Body Medical Spa to make an appointment to pamper yourself in a number of ways. Take advantage of our spa services like a Juvederm treatment to make you look and feel younger or acupuncture to treat pain and increase relaxation. Call us today to fulfill your beauty resolutions for 2018!

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