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What was once considered a painful and irritating procedure, chemical peels have been modified and improved upon to create an effective, noninvasive method of treating multiple skin issues. Chemical peels today are one of the most affordable and convenient ways to maintain youthful, healthy skin. Let’s take a look at five great benefits of a chemical peel to see how this innovative procedure can help you.

1. Treat Acne and Diminish Acne Scars

Depending on the particular type of chemical peel you receive, it’s possible that you’ll experience fewer acne flare-ups after the treatment, and you may even notice that your acne scars are diminishing. Certain kinds of chemical peels, such as Jessner’s peels and salicylic acid peels, treat both the surface of the skin and deep down into the pores. Both of these chemical peels contain salicylic acid, which has an added benefit of lingering in the pores even after the treatment is complete, where it continues to keep pores clean and clear over time.

2. Control Melasma

When combined with at-home treatments like sunscreen, bleaching creams and sun avoidance, chemical peels are the best treatment so far for melasma. Melasma is the term for those recurring dark patches on the skin that are triggered by sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations. As of yet, there is no cure for melasma, but chemical peels have proven to be a more effective treatment option than even lasers.

3. Reduce Dark Circles Under the Eyes

While chemicals and acid near our eyes might sound like risky business, research shows that certain chemical peels can effectively and safely brighten those pesky hereditary dark circles under the eyes. As with most cosmetic and chemical treatments, it will probably take multiple sessions in order to make a noticeable improvement. However, some patients have seen an improvement after only one treatment session.

4. Improve Your Skin and the Effectiveness of Your Products

Overall, one of the greatest benefits of a chemical peel is simply the vast improvement in the way that your skin looks and functions. When you peel away all of the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the top layer of your skin, this triggers the underlying living cells to multiply and make their way to the surface. This also stimulates collagen production, which in turn produces hyaluronic acid, both of which are vital to the health of your skin and the anti-aging process.

Chemical peels also result in an increase in the effectiveness of your beauty products. Not only are the dead skin cells no longer impeding the penetration of your cosmetic products, your skin is also more receptive to their effects.

5. Chemical Peels are a Customizable, Low-Risk Procedure

Chemical peels are no longer a one-size-fits-all treatment option; you can work with your dermatologist or beauty specialist to cater your chemical peel to your specific needs. While there are plenty of premixed chemical peels that are very effective at treating a variety of issues, many specialists prefer customizing them or even creating their own to optimize the effectiveness.

Along with having a variety of customizable options at your disposal, chemical peels are also safe to use on every skin color, with no risk of hyperpigmentation.

See the Benefits for Yourself at Love Your Body Medical Spa

Love Your Body Medical Spa is proud to serve patients in the Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding area with the best in cosmetic medicine. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a chemical peel, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can help you love your body even more.

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