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Can I Remove My Wart at Home?

Can I Remove My Wart at Home?

They’re rough to touch, unsightly to look at, and they can even get itchy — long story short, warts are a huge problem. Your wart likely came from a viral infection that left thick, scaly patches and small black dots all over your fingers and hands (and sometimes your genitals). 

It can be tempting to run to the internet and try every home remedy you can find, but taking care of business yourself isn’t always the best course of action. 

Dr. Divina Averilla and our team at Love Your Body Medical Spa know how delicate wart removal can be, so we want to make sure you know about all of your options both at home and in our office. 

Common at-home wart removal remedies

Natural and at-home wart removal methods usually employ foods, plants, and other natural products that have either antiviral or acidic properties of enzymes. 

Antiviral remedies address an underlying viral infection, and acids remove layers of infected skin. Some of the most common methods are likely in your kitchen or medicine cabinet right now, such as:

Some people have turned to dandelion weeds, castor oil, and tea tree oil — others use duct tape to methodically remove layers of infected skin. 

It’s not impossible to find a combination of at-home treatments that work for you, but we’d caution against using many recommended DIY removal methods. Not only do they usually produce lackluster results, but they also carry an increased risk of skin damage and infection. 

If you want safe, fast, lasting removal methods with nearly fool-proof results, you have to turn to our expert. 

Getting help from the pros

At Love Your Body Medical Spa, we take warts seriously and use only the best, most advanced removal treatment. 

You may think that going to a professional for wart removal means cutting, freezing, or burning away your wart, but you don’t have to go through any painful procedures when you come to us. 

To remove a wart, we rely on radiofrequency (RF) energy. Dr. Averilla places a handheld device over your wart, and energy from the device passes through your skin and gently breaks up the infected skin, causing the wart to gradually slough off. 

Depending on what type of wart you have, where it’s located, and how big it is, Dr. Averilla chooses either a fine needle electrode, wire loop electrode, or other device to handle your wart removal. 


The best part? Our treatments are virtually painless and noninvasive, and they come with little to no risk of side effects. You don’t even have to go under the knife to have your wart medically removed. 

Some of our patients do experience minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness, but these symptoms are mild and easy to manage with conservative care. 

Around 3-5 days after your treatment, you should notice clear, smoother, healthier-looking skin. 

The best of both worlds

If you’re interested in removing your warts as naturally as possible, Love Your Body Medical Spa is the right place for you. We value your health and wellness goals and can help you find the perfect combination of at-home and in-office treatments to restore your skin's health. 

There’s no need to live another day with embarrassing warts. Dr. Averilla and our team are standing by to help you get started on your healthy skin journey. 

When you’re ready, contact Love Your Body Medical Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. Request an appointment online or over the phone.

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