Feeling Frustrated With Sagging Skin? Viora CORE Skin Tightening Procedures Can Restore Your Youth

We slather on moisturizer. We layer on sunscreen. We teach ourselves to sleep on our backs to avoid making creases in our skin. But no matter what lengths we go to, at some point, gravity, sun exposure, genes and just plain age will catch up with us, and we’ll be left with loose, sagging skin.

Saggy skin can (and often does) occur anywhere on the body, but the one place it’s most noticeable is the face. As we get older, our skin produces a lot less of the natural collagen that helps keep our skin firm and resilient. Weight gain, stress, sun and hormonal fluctuations play a role too. And before we know it, we have the first telltale signs of jowls, a turkey neck, and sagging lines around the nose and mouth. Thank goodness, we don’t have to live with those changes. And we don’t have to have surgery to “lift” our faces and our skin back into their youthful positions. At Love Your Body Medspa, we help our patients restore the natural lift and firmness of young skin with noninvasive Reaction™ by Viora CORE™, a cutting-edge treatment that’s performed right here in our office.

What is Reaction by Viora?

Reaction by Viora is a nonsurgical treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and tone loose, sagging skin. Reaction works by stimulating the growth and production of collagen and elastin, two important fibers that form strong, supportive networks for the skin. When production of these fibers declines as we get older, our skin starts to lose that natural support. By ramping up production of collagen and elastin fibers deep inside the skin, Reaction helps restore the tonicity of youthful skin. At the same time, the gentle warmth of the radiofrequency energy “shrinks” skin and improves local circulation so skin looks and feels more radiant and just plain healthier.

Reaction uses CORE technology, a patented delivery system that uses three distinct frequencies of RF energy as well as a fourth multichannel option for highly customizable results. The frequencies can be adjusted during your treatment as well, so you can achieve results that are precise and predictable.

What to expect during treatment

Before your Viora treatment, Dr. Averilla will carefully cleanse your skin and then apply a special gel to help keep your skin cool and comfortable during your session. The Viora system uses a handheld applicator that’s placed against your skin, wherever it needs tightening. On the face, that’s typically your jowls and cheeks and the areas around your eyes and mouth (and your neck, if you’re having that area tightened as well). As each area is treated, she’ll move the applicator to a new area until the treatment is complete.

While the applicator passes over your skin, you’ll feel a deep warming sensation as the RF energy penetrates to the level of your skin where collagen is formed. A special built-in cooling feature on the applicator tip helps ensure your skin remains cool and comfortable. Most treatments take a half hour to an hour, and when you’re done, there’s no downtime, so you can go right back to your regular routine.

Most patients see initial results soon after their first treatment, with maximum results after a series of up to six sessions, spaced out over several weeks to give collagen a chance to remodel. Reaction by Viora can also be used on other areas of your body to help tone your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Even better: Multiple areas can be treated in a single session.

Learn how Viora CORE technology can help you tone saggy skin

Stop fretting over sagging jowls and loose neck skin. At Love Your Body Medspa, we can help you restore your youthful tonicity so you look and feel more confident. To learn more about Reaction by Viora CORE and the other restorative treatments we offer, book an appointment online today.

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