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How To Rejuvenate Your Skin in 60 Days

You likely get bombarded every day with ads for miracle products and treatments that promise to erase frustrating cosmetic flaws in your skin. Maybe you’ve tried one or more of these products.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for months or even years looking for the solution to your aesthetic issues, look no further than our revolutionary skin rejuvenation technology. 

Dr. Divina Averilla at Love Your Body Medical Spa knows that searching for the right cosmetic treatment can often be just as frustrating as the problem itself. That’s why we’re excited to offer the best in laser skin resurfacing: Laser360™

Here’s everything you should know about this advanced system, and how it can help you find freedom from your flaws in 60 days. 

An overview of laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is hardly a newfangled idea. It made its debut back in the 1990s and has remained a staple in cosmetology ever since. Why so popular? Because it’s undeniably effective. 

Laser skin resurfacing uses the power and precision of laser energy to carefully remove the damaged, flawed layers of your skin, leaving you with a younger, tighter look. 

It’s also a go-to treatment because it can address a wide range of issues from uneven skin tone to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Though it has been around for only a few decades, laser skin resurfacing has evolved and become even more effective and versatile. The Laser360 system is one of the latest installments of the cosmetic world’s favorite technology. 

3 technologies, 60 days

Rejuvenated skin in 60 days might sound like a gimmick, but there’s a reason we’re so confident in Laser360: It combines three different methods to gradually rejuvenate your look and address your cosmetic concerns from the inside out. 

Here’s a closer look at each of the different technologies included in the Laser360 system. 

AFT intense pulsed light

One of the ways Laser360 rejuvenates your skin is by using AFT intense pulsed light, which primarily addresses uneven skin tone. The steady pulses of targeted light energy pierce through the superficial layers of your skin to reduce tiny broken blood vessels and other color irregularities below the surface, resulting in an even skin tone. 

Near-infrared light

With this setting, we use the power of near-infrared light to firm and tighten loose skin. The light energy penetrates deep into your skin and stimulates collagen production to rebuild your skin from within and give you back your youthful profile. 


This laser setting also triggers collagen production in the deepest layers of your skin. It creates microscopic perforations in your skin, kicking your body into healing mode. With your store of collagen replenished, you’ll notice reduced fine lines and wrinkles and a smoother, more even skin texture. 

What to expect from Laser360

Perhaps the only thing better than the results you get from Laser360 is how simple and easy the treatments are. But before your first Laser360 session, Dr. Averilla meets with you to discuss your aesthetic goals. She then helps you decide exactly which treatments you need and how often you’ll need them over the next 60 days. 

After you’ve met with Dr. Averilla, you can start reaping the benefits of Laser360. Here are some of the questions we’re most often asked about what to expect. 

Is it invasive?

Laser360 is completely noninvasive. We deliver each of the three technologies through a single handheld device in just a few minutes. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during your treatments either. 

Furthermore, Laser360 doesn’t require any downtime or recovery, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your normal routine to rejuvenate your look

Which conditions does it address?

The Laser360 system is a comprehensive solution to your most frustrating cosmetic concerns. Most of our patients opt for Laser360 to address uneven skin tone, loose skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. 

It can also treat many areas of your body from the delicate skin on your face and around your eyes to your chest and neck. It’s also versatile enough to treat virtually any skin type. 

How long do results last?

You’ll see results appear gradually over the course of 60 days and enjoy lasting results after your last treatment. 

While Laser360 is effective, it can’t stop the effects of aging, sun, and other elements on your skin. To maintain our results and keep your rejuvenated look for the long haul, we encourage you to come back for touch-up treatments as needed. 

If you’d like more information or would like to get started with a consultation, call or click to make an appointment at our Las Vegas, Nevada, office. 

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