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Take Years off Your Face with Surgery-Free Laser Skin Resurfacing

Take Years off Your Face with Surgery-Free Laser Skin Resurfacing

It’s easy to update your style as trends come and go, but you can’t just swap out your old skin for new when it starts to show signs of aging. 

Or can you?

Here, Dr. Divina Averilla at Love Your Body Medical Spa takes a closer look at how laser skin resurfacing gives you a nonsurgical option to restore your skin’s youthful glow. 

What’s happened to your skin?

It seems as if it happened overnight. Your soft, supple face has gone limp and wrinkled, and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. What happened to your skin? You’re asking the right question, and you’ve already taken the first (and most important) step in getting your beautiful skin back.

To understand how we can help your skin look younger again, you first need to understand what’s happened to it in the first place. 

Most of us take our skin for granted, but it plays an important role in your day-to-day life. It contains nerves that help you feel and respond to the world around you. It also acts as a barrier that controls the balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body while keeping harmful substances out. 

To perform all of these functions, your skin relies on connective tissues and two important proteins: collagen and elastin. Collagen gives your skin structure, and elastin provides flexibility and strength. 

In your early years, your skin has more than enough collagen and elastin, which makes your skin look young and healthy. However, your genetics, environmental factors, and nutrition all contribute to the inevitable (and frustrating) changes your skin goes through. 

What’s bothering your skin?

Among the greatest threats to your skin are the gradual effects of time and sun damage. 

Over time, your body slowly produces less collagen and elastin. The result is sagging, wrinkly skin. Your stores of collagen and elastin are also at risk if you spend too much time in the sun. Harmful UV rays directly attack your body’s ability to restore these important proteins. 

But sagging and wrinkling aren’t the only things that can happen to your skin. Age or “liver” spots can crop up in areas of your skin that have been overexposed to sunlight. Time can also steal melanocytes (pigment-containing cells) from your skin, causing your skin to appear pale and translucent. 

As the blood vessels in your skin weaken, your skin bruises and bleeds more easily. The sebaceous glands in your skin stop producing oil, resulting in dry, itchy skin. The weaker your skin gets, the more likely it is to tear. 

If those issues aren’t bad enough, your skin also loses its natural padding, which means you have less control over sensation and body temperature. 

There are a variety of surgeries that promise results — but who has the time to undergo surgery and the inevitable recovery process? With laser skin resurfacing, you can get better-looking skin in a fraction of the time and without the fuss of recovery.

How can laser skin resurfacing help?

Laser skin resurfacing treatments go where no topical or DIY solution can go — into the deepest layers of your skin. We use the best laser skin resurfacing technology, the Laser360 system, which sends short, concentrated beams of light into the irregular damaged areas of your skin.

The light energy precisely removes unwanted skin from the outermost layer of skin one layer at a time. At the same time, the light energy heats the dermis (the underlying layer of skin), which kicks your body into collagen-production mode. The result is smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. 

Bonus: Laser360 works on multiple areas of your body and can address other cosmetic flaws too, including uneven color and texture. We can use Laser360 on your:

Because results don’t develop overnight, we typically recommend you undergo a series of treatments. Typically, it takes about two months for you to see the best results.

It may sound counterintuitive to destroy your skin in an effort to rebuild it, but we can assure you that this FDA-approved system is fast, effective, and safe. Each treatment only takes a few minutes, depending on the location, size, and severity of the skin problem. 

Our patients love that they don’t need to put their normal routine on hold or spend time in recovery. In fact, you can have a treatment and return to work or school right away. 

If you’d like more information about what laser skin resurfacing can do for you, don’t hesitate to call our Las Vegas, Nevada, office at 702-342-0028 or schedule an appointment online.

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