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Treatment for Your Skin Tags

Treatment for Your Skin Tags

You can cover up some skin flaws like acne and wrinkles with a dab or two of makeup. But when it comes to skin tags, there’s no quick fix, and no amount of concealer can make them disappear. 

So what are you to do when frustrating skin tags make your first impression for you? We think you should turn to our expert. 

Dr. Divina Averilla at Love Your Body Medical Spa specializes in treating a wide variety of skin concerns, including skin tags. Here’s what you should know about this pesky problem, and how we can help. 

Where do skin tags come from?

Those little clusters of skin hanging off your body are what we call acrochordons or, as you know them, skin tags. These are small, skin-colored, noncancerous growths that develop when your body produces extra cells in your skin’s topmost layers. 

Skin tags tend to form in the areas where your skin naturally folds and rubs together, including your:

You may also find them under your breasts and around your genitals. Virtually anyone can get skin tags, but you’re most at risk if you have certain health conditions, such as diabetes and obesity. 

Some skin disorders like Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome can also make you more likely to develop skin tags. Many pregnant women notice new skin tags as they experience high levels of growth factors. Family history and increased age may also play a role in your likelihood of developing skin tags. 

Skin tags aren’t a health threat, and they very rarely cause symptoms beyond occasional irritation or bleeding from friction. They can, however, be a source of embarrassment and frustration, especially if they appear on your face and neck. 

Fortunately, skin tags are easy to identify, diagnose, and remove. 

How do I get rid of skin tags?

Whether your skin tags are an eyesore, a sore spot, or both, we know that getting rid of them is a priority. That’s why we use the power of radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely and quickly remove your skin tags.

During your treatment, Dr. Averilla places an RF device against your skin. Waves of RF energy pass through the device into your skin to eliminate your skin tag. Depending on the size and location of your skin tag, we may use fine needle electrodes, wire loops, or scalpel blades attached to electrodes. 

RF technology is much gentler and less invasive than laser and traditional scalpel incisions, so you recover much faster (about 3-5 days). It also allows us to completely remove your skin tag with significantly less risk of scarring. 

Bonus: Our skin tag removal treatments typically take only an hour and don’t require extensive  pre- and post-operative care. 

A note on at-home remedies

If you search online, you can find dozens of ways to get rid of skin tags on your own, from apple cider vinegar to self-ligation. There are also a variety of skin tag removal kits you can buy at the store. 

We strongly caution you against these at-home remedies and recommend that you have your skin tag evaluated by Dr. Averilla and only seek our professional removal treatments. Doing otherwise can damage your skin or lead to infection. 

How do I avoid skin tags?

There’s no guaranteed way to avoid skin tags, but losing weight can help reduce the number of natural skin folds on your body and lower your risk of developing skin tags. 

Do you have a skin tag that you’d like never to see again? You can request an appointment at our Las Vegas, Nevada, office online or over the phone today. 

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