Turn Back the Clock on Wrinkles with Skin Tightening

Have you ever wanted to give your skin a kind of natural lift that would allow it to look like it did a few years ago before the drooping, sagging, and wrinkles set in? Fortunately, there’s a great procedure that can allow you to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin called Reaction™ by Viora CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy), and this treatment can allow you to regain your youthful look. 

Dr. Divina Averilla and the rest of us here at Love Your Body Medspa understand the desire to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin, which is why we offer this revolutionary treatment for our patients. And we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the procedure and what it can do for you.

What skin tightening with Viora CORE is and how it works

You may be skeptical of many of the cosmetic treatments available for wrinkle reduction. Perhaps you’ve used one before and were disappointed by the results, or maybe you’re worried about the side effects. The great part about our skin-tightening procedure is that it’s extremely natural, engaging the body’s own healing process in order to create the desired effect of smoother, tighter skin. 

Dr. Averilla uses a handheld radiofrequency (RF) laser device to focus the treatment only on the parts of your skin that need it. Usually, in the case of wrinkles, this means the face, although it can be used on other areas as well. As the laser heats the surface of the skin, it stimulates new cell growth in the layer beneath as well as collagen and elastin fiber production. Collagen and elastin are the proteins responsible for giving skin the structure and elasticity it has in our youth. The end result is a face with more smoothness and greater elasticity without wrinkles.

Skin tightening is safe and effective

Not only does this procedure create impressive effects, but most individuals also experience no pain during the process, just a pleasantly warm sensation under the skin. In addition, there are hardly any side effects; some patients report some swelling, reddening, or bruising, but most patients do not experience any issues at all. While laser procedures have been around for quite some time, the new options for skin tightening, such as Reaction by Viora CORE, are extremely effective and safe, providing lasting results with little to no downtime.

The only caveats are that people with pacemakers or women who are pregnant should not undergo the procedure.

You will love the results of this skin tightening procedure

After the first session, your skin will feel fuller and tighter. This will fade a bit after the first 24 to 48 hours, but your skill will have a natural, tighter look. Dr. Averilla recommends as many as six sessions to achieve the best results from this procedure. Of course, the sessions need to be spaced out with at least two to four weeks in between each, but once you’ve completed all six sessions, you’ll be astounded by the results! In most cases, patients like to return after four to six months for another round of treatments. 

Want to learn more about skin tightening? 

Call 702-342-0028 today to book an appointment for skin tightening laser treatment with Dr. Averilla or you can book an appointment online at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you and to helping you get the body, face, and skin of your dreams.

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