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What Is the Best Time of Year to Get Skin Tightening?

What Is the Best Time of Year to Get Skin Tightening?

No matter how gracefully you’re attempting to age, you can’t sidestep sagging skin. Time, sun exposure, and even pollution in the air continually attack your skin and rob it of its youthful contours.

But don’t jump the gun and dive into this-or-that aesthetic treatment just yet. 

Dr. Divina Averilla and our team at Love Your Body Medical Spa recommend aligning some of your treatments to make sure your peak results develop at the most opportune moments. 

Here’s a closer look at when you should get skin tightening treatments

’Tis the season for skin tightening

There’s no wrong time to get skin tightening treatments, but you can maximize your results if you time it out and get your treatments in the winter.

Though we Nevadans are fortunate enough to enjoy sunny weather virtually year round, we slow down our outdoor activities a bit when winter sets in. Since you’re likely covering up a bit more in the cooler months, it’s a perfect time to get some work done without anyone knowing. 

Plus, we use the Reaction™ by Viora CORE™ technology system, which can deliver immediate results but ultimately works best over time and with multiple treatments. We usually recommend up to six sessions spaced out every 2-4 weeks. 

That means you could start your skin tightening journey over the holidays and be totally tank top-ready by summertime.

Here’s a closer look at how the technology works.

The science behind skin tightening

There are a few different types of treatments available under the umbrella of skin tightening — some use lasers, some use light, and others use heat. The Reaction by Viora CORE system uses radiofrequency (RF) waves. 

The RF waves penetrate the layers of your skin to kick-start your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, two crucial proteins that give your skin structure and flexibility.

Over time, you lose your stores of collagen and elastin, and your body stops producing as much. Without them, your skin sags and loses its structure.

That’s why we love our skin tightening treatments. Instead of offering empty promises like your anti-wrinkle cream does, our approaches address your skin concerns from the inside out, guaranteeing tighter, younger-looking skin for the long haul.

But it doesn’t stop there. RF treatments also increase blood flow, promoting healthy cell turnover and radiant skin.

Most of our patients ask for skin tightening treatments on their face, neck, and decolletage, but you can also treat your arms, abdomen, thighs, back, and buttocks.

What to expect from your treatments

Our favorite part about our skin tightening treatments? They’re fast and virtually painless. When you arrive, Dr. Averilla cleans and prepares the treatment site. Then, she moves the handheld RF device carefully across your skin. 

Our patients report a gentle warming sensation during treatments, and because it’s noninvasive, you can get right back to your routine without skipping a beat. 

Results develop gradually and with multiple treatments, but you should notice that your skin feels much tighter and fuller after your first session. 

Skin tightening season is year round, but we recommend starting now if you want to time it perfectly and have your best results develop by summer. When you’re ready, call or click to schedule an appointment with our expert.

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