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Why More People Are Choosing Mesotherapy Over Liposuction

Mesotherapy Over Liposuction Love Your Body Medspa  europe

Jelly roll. Muffin top. Love handles. No matter what cute name you give areas of stubborn fat, one thing never changes: It’s still fat. And for most of us, it’s something we’d like to get rid of — for good. Liposuction is one way to remove pockets of stubborn fat, but it is surgery, and that means it has all the risks of surgery, like bleeding, infection, and even scarring. Plus, the recovery period after liposuction surgery can be very uncomfortable, and those feelings of discomfort can last for some time.

Fortunately, today there are other options for getting rid of diet-resistant fat, and of those options, mesotherapy is fast becoming one of the most popular. At Love Your Body Medspa, we offer state-of-the-art mesotherapy treatments to help patients eliminate stubborn fat and reveal smoother, sleeker contours. Here’s how it works.

Mesotherapy vs. liposuction

With liposuction, your doctor needs to make one or more incisions into your body, then insert a long tube called a cannula to physically break up fat so it can be suctioned away. The process of breaking up fat can result in a lot of bleeding and bruising, and in some cases, the results can be “lumpy” or uneven. Not surprisingly, the healing period can be quite uncomfortable, and you also have to understand the risks associated with the anesthesia that’s used during the procedure.

By contrast, mesotherapy treatment is minimally invasive, relying on injections rather than incisions through your skin and other tissues. Sometimes referred to as injection lipolysis (literally, fat destruction), mesotherapy uses injections of special solutions to break down fat cell walls and essentially dissolve fat, right where it’s located. Once the fat dissolves, your body’s lymph system goes into action, carrying away the resulting debris over a period of several weeks so slimmer contours are revealed. Mesotherapy uses solutions of chemicals, plant extracts, and other agents that work together to melt away fat while leaving other surrounding tissues completely unharmed. Treatments are performed right in our office on an outpatient basis, and there’s no downtime or painful recovery period, so you can fit your treatments into your busy schedule without missing a beat.

How mesotherapy works to destroy fat

Mesotherapy can be used in many problem areas, including your belly, thighs, and flanks. The special solution is injected into the layer of your skin called the mesoderm. Once injected, your body releases the chemicals to the target areas, stimulating the fat destruction process while also promoting healing in the area. Those healing responses trigger the production of collagen and elastin, two important components of healthy skin. Collagen and elastin form strong networks under your skin, helping to support your skin so it looks and feels firmer. As a result, mesotherapy doesn’t just melt away fat — it also helps the skin over the treatment area regain firmness, diminishing the appearance of cellulite while enhancing your new, slimmer contours.

Because mesotherapy uses injections, your treatment can be targeted to the specific areas you want to improve. Before your mesotherapy session, you'll meet with our treatment specialists to discuss your concerns and the goals you'd like to achieve. Then your treatment plan will be mapped out to help you enjoy optimal results. While a single mesotherapy session can provide you with some initial results, most patients benefit from a series of treatments to ensure the fat-melting process is optimized for their specific objectives. Your treatment plan, including the number of treatment sessions you'll need and the placement of the injections, will be discussed with you during your evaluation and consultation, and again throughout your treatment to ensure your sessions are focused on the results you want to achieve.

Look slimmer, sleeker, and sexier with mesotherapy 

Targeted treatments, no anesthesia, no incisions, and no prolonged, uncomfortable recovery time — it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing mesotherapy treatment over liposuction. The key to achieving the best results is to work with a provider who’s experienced in mesotherapy and who can tailor a program that’s suited for your specific needs. Love Your Body Medspa is a leading provider of safe, effective mesotherapy treatment. To learn more about mesotherapy and how it can help you get rid of stubborn fat without surgery, book an appointment online today.

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