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How to Reduce Stress-Related Acne

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Preventing acne breakouts on your face

Stress likes to wreak havoc on our bodies. Stress can lead to a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. However, trying to reduce the amount of stress in your life can feel like an olympic task. Even if you are keeping most of your anxiety in check…

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Exposing the Myths About Botox

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Botox injection information

Botox — you've heard of it, know what it can do, and how popular it is. But, as one of the most known medical spa products out there, botox is heavily immersed in discussions and controversies, from seeing celebrity botox failures to hearing about the medical dangers of getting it. If you are someone who…

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4 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

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skin care product for sensitive skin

Wrinkles often feel like an inevitability that you can do little to combat. For many, even the thought of reducing wrinkles just feels too overwhelming to try and do. However, in addition to sticking to a daily routine of care for your skin, there are ways you can significantly reduce wrinkles with only patience and…

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The Truth Behind Common Botox Myths

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Botox injection information

Botox is a very popular and simple procedure that serves a variety of purposes. While it is most commonly known for decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, there are actually multiple ways, cosmetic or otherwise, that Botox can benefit patients. Despite the fact that it is such a prevalent procedure, there are quite…

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Mesotherapy: What You Need to Know

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Las Vegas Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy is increasing in popularity among the professional medical and cosmetic communities, and it’s easy to understand why. Mesotherapy is a noninvasive procedure that can be used to treat a variety of issues, and requires little to no recovery time. This means that you can pop into your local medical spa or dermatologist’s office, receive…

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6 Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

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acupuncture myths

Acupuncture has been commonly viewed as a method of alternative medicine that has more of a placebo effect than a real medical advantage. But thanks to a myriad of modern clinical studies and trials, the evidence is stacking up in favor of acupuncture being a viable option in the treatment of many medical issues. Check…

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5 Benefits of a Chemical Peel

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Woman after PRP Therapy

What was once considered a painful and irritating procedure, chemical peels have been modified and improved upon to create an effective, noninvasive method of treating multiple skin issues. Chemical peels today are one of the most affordable and convenient ways to maintain youthful, healthy skin. Let’s take a look at five great benefits of a…

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When to Visit a Medical Spa

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Love Your Body Medical Spa Interior

Skin issues and changes in our appearance occur throughout our lives. As we age, our skin is exposed to an onslaught of environmental factors like gravity and harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as many personal factors like genetics, hormone fluctuations and changes in weight. All of these together can take quite a…

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Daily Practices to Prevent Wrinkles

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Beauty sleep to avoid wrinkles

There are many different medical options today that can treat and get rid of your unwanted wrinkles, but the most effective and ideal way to deal with wrinkles is to prevent them before they even surface. Let’s take a look at these simple things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help…

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Are Facial Fillers Permanent?

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Dermal Filler which works best

We all have certain features about ourselves that we’d like to modify, whether it’s getting rid of those pesky acne scars, removing fine lines and wrinkles or simply enhancing our luscious lips. Thanks to modern medical innovations, facial fillers offer a safe and nonsurgical way to do this. Learn more about facial fillers, who can…

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